Subaru Models Repair

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Subaru is a Japanese automaker, and the company is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). General Motors was a minority shareholder with 20% of this company from 1999 to 2005, when they sold 8.7% of its shares to Toyota, and the rest is left to the open market.

Subaru is a Japanese word that means "Kingdom". For those who know this brand and logo (6 stars, 5 of the same size and larger) that refers to the constellation of the Pleiades, a symbol of the union of five carmakers after the Second World War and which have become "Fuji Heavy Industries LTD. of Japan "(which is more symbolized by the star).In 2004 Subaru vehicles manufactured 601,505, up from 544,868 in 2003. The figure Subaru ranked in 19th place in the world ranking of manufacturers. Subaru was founded in 1953 and in 1966 launched its Model 1000, the first automobile mass produced front wheel drive in Japan. Another milestone was the truck 4WD SW, 1972, the first passenger car with four-wheel drive in the world.

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