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In 1947 the entrepreneur Chung Ju-yung founded a company dedicated to the construction and repair of automobiles, which achieved rapid growth through the various works that South Korea undertook after the Korean War. The Hyundai group began operating as a conglomerate (in Korean chaebol) in collaboration with the country's government and U.S. military forces interested in reviving the economy through sector development industrial.

The conglomerate began to include various sectors of the economy such as infrastructure development, industrial development and manufacture of housing, which the company reported multiple contracts and benefits. Through the various development plans of the government of South Korea, Hyundai Group was able to create facilities like cement factory of Danyang in 1964, producing one million tons of cement. In 1965 he began to produce works abroad for highway construction in Thailand, and later in the Middle East and other markets that were not being exploited by European and American companies.

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