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Australian automaker Holden, a subsidiary of General Motors, GM Holden Ltd. is a manufacturer of automobiles in Australia based in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The company was originally independent, but since 1931 is a subsidiary of General Motors. Holden has taken charge of the operations of General Motors in Australia and has a partial ownership of GM Daewoo in South Korea. Through the years, Holden has offered a wide range of locally produced vehicles, supplemented by imported GM models. In the past Holden models offered Isuzu, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota brand.

Holden car bodies are manufactured in Elizabeth, South Australia and the engines are produced in Fishermens Bend plant in Port Melbourne. Historically, production and assembly plants have operated in all states of Australia. Until 1990, the GM subsidiary Holden in New Zealand operated a plant based in Trentham. The consolidation of car production at Elizabeth was completed in 1988, but some assembly operations continued at Dandenong until 1996. Although Holden's participation in auto exports has fluctuated since 1950, declining sales of large cars in Australia has led the company to look at international markets to increase profitability. In 2006, Holden reported profits of $ 1.3 billion dollars in exports.

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